Design - The Three Degrees

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During the 2008 Coventry University Degree Show, we had a visit from Glynn Kerr of MotoVision, who also happens to be the President of the Motorcycle Design Association. He came over from California, and fortunately had the time to come and visit the show and talk to the guys who were involved with motorcycle related projects.

This is an article that he subsequently wrote and has been featured in various magazines around the world. It features the Norton M28 concept, along with work from my colleagues at university.

Open the image to read the text.

Norton M28 Presentation

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A compressed version of the 70-odd page long final presentation . . .

M28 Exhibits at Coventry Transport Museum

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As part of the Degree Show, selected works were displayed at the Coventry Transport Museum. There was a little more room to display the bike, so we put it next to one of my fathers bikes. 

The Norton M28 Concept bike alongside an original 1937 International . . .