Wheel Nuts & Axles

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The four various types of wheel nuts found on International Norton's, ready to replenish stock levels.

There were a few bikes which were needing axles in their hubs to be rebuilt, so along with a batch of nuts, it was time to machine a few sets of axles. Machined from EN16 steel, these will be put together with the correct spacers, bearings and nuts that have been made up into complete sets. The variations cover front girder and telescopic forks, along with rear rigid and plunger frame varieties. Re-created from originals to ensure they are as they should be.

Red Bull Streamliner?

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Here's a couple of Red Bull proposals which were created a few months back for the Angelic Bulldog motorcycle streamliner.

SV650 - Hows it looking?

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The design as it stands at the beginning of October.

Unearthed Gem

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Took the little Ducati Elite out of the workshop the other day. This has to be one of the most attractive little motorcycles there has ever been, and they got the colour scheme spot-on with the Candy Red and Gold!