SV650 - Developments Of A Front Subframe

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Here are some photos showing how the front aluminum subframe is developing. Three piece construction from sheet aluminum and tubing, designed to support the front headlight, sidelights, instrument panel, bodywork and mirrors. 

We are about as far as we can go with at the moment until we can fit it to the frame and check the bodywork mountings on it, as there are a couple more tubes to go on before welding.

SV650 - Welded Rear Subframe

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One of the first completed parts. The rear subframe had been TIG welded earlier in the week and we received it back today from Simon. 

Very pleased with how its all come together and now we can start to transfer the bodywork to it whilst we wait for the main frame to be finished.

SV650 - Rear Subframe Jig

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 The first glimpse of how the rear subframe will look, sat in the jig ready to be TIG welded.

Welding also commenced on the main frame today and is coming along nicely.

SV650 - Tubes, Bosses & Fixtures

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What goes into a frame? 

Well, these are all of the parts that go into making our frame. I've gradually been machining, cutting, bending, notching and welding these parts from the CAD model for the past few months and have now reached a stage where they are all sat in the jig awaiting welding.

Tube bending has been problematic to say the least, but with time, swearing and many failed attempts destined for the scrap bin, I've managed to master the art (and our bender).

A tubular steel trellis frames needs triangulation for strength! Below is the headstock assembly which has to be welded on a separate jig before going into the frame jig, as it requires some machining with the bosses in place.

Like I said, the frame is all setup in the jig and should be welded within the next week. Check back for photos then!