SV650 - Rearsets

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Whilst we are waiting for some lasercutting and material to arrive to make the frame, we spent some time designing some rearsets to fit to the bike when its complete.

They have a 5-way range of adjustment, feature Needle roller bearings, knurled footpegs, anodised matt black etc. More details will be put up when they have been manufactured. Its likely that we will have to have a small quantity made, so if you are interested in some then let us know via email as they are designed to fit a standard curvy SV as well.

SV650 - Frame Closeups

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The frame is also now complete in Solidworks so we have grabbed a few closeup shots of some of the details. 

Chamfered edges feature on all the bosses to minimise any excess weight.

Headstock gussets and aluminum bearing inserts. This allows for easy interchanges between different fork setups which use different sized bearings with the insert clamped into place using pinch bolts.

SV650 - Rear Subframe

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The past few weeks have started to see some aspects of the CAD model come together so I'll be uploading more pictures of the completed pieces soon

For now, we have the rear subframe, which will be manufactured out of tubing and waterjet cut pieces.

As we are always on the quest to reduce weight and complexity, the subframe has been designed with only three main tubes in triangulation, opposed to the usual four used by most manufacturers.

The fabricated piece on the rear has multiple purposes. At the front, it supports the rear of the seat pan, at the rear fixes to the rear light unit making the whole piece rigid, and the mounts on top act as a bodywork support.