Cutting up Honda Crankcases

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 As part of the team working on the Angelic Bulldog streamliner, I get asked to do a variety of different jobs, such as a Photoshop image for a potential sponsor, a bit of CAD work on the chassis design or even coming up with a design for a team logo. 

The latest task thats been undertaken is slightly more important! As we are building our own Square 8 "Dan-tec" engine to break 400mph, we need to make some substantial modifications to our donor Honda Blackbird engines.  Having had Dan (our engine man) rough cut the gearbox's off the Blackbird crankcases, the drawings were sent to me to get machining.

Nothing like this is going to be easy or straightforward. A week long job, on the limit of our machines capabilities (size wise), multiple special cutters made, many different machining angles and a fair bit of head scratching, we finally got there.

 One crankcase only forms half of the Square 8 configuration, so there is another crankcase awaiting to be machined (then the ones for the second engine). Ill try my best to photograph each step of the machining process for the next one!

Just Playing Around With Black Tape . . .

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I've finally got round to playing around with some tape we use in the design studio to create some unique pieces of art. This is the first of a series of pieces I plan to do in the future, around automotive and motorcycle subjects which take my interest.

The first in the series, entitled "Alfisti"  is a tape drawing of the sexy Alfa Romeo grill and front end. The piece is 600mm x 600mm, black tape on white canvas.

These unique tape drawing artworks are available to buy, just get in contact.

SV650 - Clays Arrived

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The arrival of some Chavant styling clay to finish the design on the SV.