SV650 - The first molds are out!

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Success! Pulled the side panels out of the first molds today and they have come out good. Still needs a fair amount of work though to make the surfaces perfect along with aligning with the clay and fixing to the mock-up.

Most of the time this week has been spent making fibreglass molds of the remainder of the bike. Most of these parts will have to made using split molds, which take a couple of days to layup. Above is a photo of the tank/airbox cover, which splits into 3 parts (top and two sides).


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20 degrees ambient - how crucial is that? "It's crucial" they said!

Well, we managed 27 degrees ambient . . .

. . . before heater number two toasted itself!

Time to find another heater to make this resin stuff cure properly!

SV650 - Time to take some molds!

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Its time to get molding some fibreglass panels! With the bike on the workbench, we can get to work prepping the different pieces to receive the first layup of fibreglass.

These are the first panels to be molded and theoretically should be the easiest to release when done. In order to protect the clay and make removal easy, the clay has been covered with a thin sheet of aluminum foil before having the gel-coat applied.

Two layers of chopped strand mat later (8 hours at 27 degrees) and the first panel is ready to be popped! We'll show you the results, next time!