Showcase Project

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 1:03 PM 0 comments
To this date, Moto R Design have been doing small freelance projects for a number of clients, but the desire to be involved with a more complete motorcycle project has been ever present. This has lead to many hours of thought on various design projects, from single cylinder racing machines to three-wheeled trikes, along with everything else in between. 

With the weaker design project ideas put to one side a clear candidate had emerged, which was the humble Suzuki SV650. Im a big fan of small, narrow engines and the SV650 lends itself perfectly to the type of bike we'd like to design, along with being very popular with many other bikers.

So the general idea is take a SV650 as a donor bike, use that great little engine and some of its components, and re-style it into a much more compact, desirable sports bike. Along the way, any improvements to the performance or handling that can be made will be worked on, to make the bike as complete and enjoyable to ride as possible. The SV has a great following, with race series such as the "MiniTwins" here in the UK, and is an easy base for upgrades of components from the GSXR series of bikes.

The main goals for this project are to demonstrate the capabilities of Moto R Design. The opportunities have arisen to move into an existing workshop in the not too distant future, and create a studio / workshop facility that is setup specifically for motorcycle design work. So when this is in place, its time to really go for it, and start designing some really stylish motorcycles.

Now the design process begins. Over the next few weeks many ideas will get sketched out and thought about and the project will begin to take-off. Now we just need to find a donor bike . . .