SV650 - Chassis No.1

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It's a big day today with the completion of the first frame. Simon and Stuart (the welders) have done a great job with the TIG welding over the past few weeks to get it to this stage and we can finally see the realisation of the CAD model.

All in it takes 63 components to build this, with most tubular joints seeing a 360 degree weld, so its taken a few hours to weld in the jig and then on the workbench.

Now that we have reached this stage, many other pieces should start to fit in place as the delay in having the frame finished has created a bit of a backlog. 

It's time to get building a bike!

SNOBIKE Prototype Testing

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You've seen the photos and we've had the snow. Here's a short film of Chris Walford and myself testing the prototype. Works a treat!

Thanks to Chris for the editing and the clouds for the snow!

Phils Folding Bike Film

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This is a nice little film showing how it all works. 

Cheers Phil.

Phils Folding Bike

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 This is a project that I assisted a former university colleague on at the end of last year and he has just sent over some photos of the final result.

Phil wanted to convert a standard road bike frame into a folding bike and designed some very simple and elegant hinges and break points. After a few discussions and refinements to the design, we ended up with the mechanical joints that you see below.

 The two hinges fit on the top tube and lock in place. One of these hinges has an element of rotation in order to allow the bike to fold out of alignment to prevent the wheels folding into each other.

This is the breaking point. Both pieces lock together then the outer knurled stainless steel sleeve screws them both together. (There was some clever machining to get everything to fit perfectly and the threads to align perfectly on this).

Lotus in Tape

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The first tape drawing of 2012, (hopefully I'll get round to doing a few more this year). The largest "arty" one that I've done so far, thought I've got bigger ones lined up. Not created for anyone, so for sale at the right price, other commissions available.

Can you guess who it is?