Anodised Brake Levers Return

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These are the finished brake levers, having returned from being anodised matt black. There are few different varieties, compatiable with different braking systems, and they are all available via

SV650 Chassis Jig - Part 3

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Just a quick update of photos to show the progress being made on the chassis jig. All the main engine mounts have been located with spacers made, enabling the original frame to sit square and central on the jig. The bottom photo shows the addition of the extra jig fixings for the shock linkage, exhaust mounts and footrest mounts.

Soon it will be time to start creating a frame!

Machining Time

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Here's some photos of a couple of the machining stages for the Fresh Products brake levers. These are all manufactured in the same way on the same jig, which is on a manually operated milling machine and is designed to allow for a number of different machining processes on the same jig.

Machining the slot into the top side of the brake lever.

Machining the concave cut-out around the back radius of the end of the brake lever. This is done with the brake lever held down onto a rotary table, enabling a perfect machining path which follows the form of the lever design.

Virgin Sponsorship?

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A selection of liveries for a Virgin sponsored streamliner.

Watercut Blanks

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Took delivery today of some watercut blanks to manufacture another batch of Fresh Products brake levers. There are 32 blanks here, all cut from aircraft grade HE30 aluminium. Having them all watercut into blanks makes the machining process much simpler, as all machining is done on a manual milling machine using a specially made jig.

Ill try to get some photos during the machining process to upload here.

SV650 Chassis Jig - Part 2

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Progress has been made on the jig, but nothing too exciting. A basic structure for the jig has been made using 3" steel channel which is similar to a design I have previously used for manufacturing bicycle frames. This varies slightly, as its been designed to be "future-proof" (well, hopefully). The steel channel is merely the basic structure, featuring an adjustable bracket for the headstock mount, adjusting in height and angle. Onto this structure, aluminum plates can be fixed into position which will be machined with all the relevant engine mounts in place. When the time comes to design and build a frame for future projects, only the aluminum plates need to be made, not the whole jig.

SV650 Chassis Jig - Part 1

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Ive started on my chassis will jig which will eventually lead to building the new frame for the SV650. As all the engine mounts on the SV are offset, and with no center line break between the crankcases, I needed to create an accurate representation of the mounting points in order to obtain my measurements. The simplest way to do this was to create a mock up of the engine / swingarm / shock linkage mounting points which i could slide into the original frame. This ensures all the frame mounting points are aligned and dimensions can be taken to be worked into the CAD model.