Silverstone Classic

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 1:30 PM
Had a fantastic weekend at the Silverstone Classic. Such a great event and so many cars and bikes, of all periods.

We were there supporting the Angelic Bulldog project and had the Norton M28 concept on display generating interest. So many enthusiastic comments from the public wanting to see it taken to the next stage and built into a working prototype. One day it will get built!

The Angelic Bulldog stand, fresh with the mock-up cockpit and canopy now in the team colours (have been working on this all week).

The special engine that Dan Dole has designed to provide us enough horsepower to push the 400mph barrier. Had to run over a few points on the drawings, in order to finish the machining on the crankcases in the next few weeks.

Now to get back on the SV project and make some progress!

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