CAD + Lasercutting = Funky new parts

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 11:44 AM

 All those hours modeling parts and creating drawings in CAD and finally the real parts arrive!

We had a fairly big delivery of lasercut pieces arrive from Optima Stainless at the end of last week. This consisted of frame gussets, subframes, battery box, fuel tank pieces and some templates and jigs, which is handy, as we were waiting on these to make progress.

The few pieces shown include the end piece of the rear subframe (flat pack form of the CAD model shown in a previous post) at the top, the entirety of the front aluminium subframe above, with instrument panel support and headlight ballast pack in place and the new battery box below (I had to bend something!).

There will be more photos coming shortly when the parts get bent into shape.

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